Phantasmic Gateways and Their Housings

With the Phantasmic Gateways and their Housings series Janne Schimmel considers the computer as the interface to an alternative reality as experienced in popular RPG’s (role playing games) such as World of Warcraft or The Elder Scrolls series. The design of these games is immersive and detailed, the grotto-like landscapes are littered with esoteric ritualistic objects such as power crystals, jewels, gems, and ancient shrines. However the game consoles and computers that allow you access to these worlds, remain minimalist black and silver boxes made out of metal and plastics. Being fascinated by the ornate reality of these video games Schimmel uses computer hardware to create sculptures that allow you to connect to your digital self. The video game ‘Demon Screamer’ that is on display on the second sculpture made in this series focusses on the life of a generic monster character after its player has logged out of the computer.

'Demon Screamer' 3D model by: '3DCULT'
Livingroom Vol. 1 3D model by: 'Unimodels'
Movement sequence by: Adobe Mixamo