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Collaboration with Moreno Schweikle
Graduation project Design Academy Eindhoven

Three standard office seats have been digitally stretched, blown up and morphed. The off-size frames were 3D-printed, then traditionally upholstered and reintroduced into the office.

Just as it is important to recycle materials, Moreno Schweikle and Janne Schimmel believe that it is vital to recycle shapes. They took three functionally perfected yet uninspiring office chair designs, digitally manipulated their DNA, and relaunched them into the physical world.

With the help of digital toolkits, faintly familiar mutants are created. An odinary desk chair is stretched into a three-seater sofa, a lean conference chair is blown up into an overstuffed version and twelve office stools have melted into a majestic lounge chair.

“We try to bridge the gap between the digital en physical world”